Adding your theme to Anchor Themes

Adding a theme to our site is very easy, all it takes a well maintained GitHub repo.

Kicking Off

Obviously you'll have given it a wicked name and a short description of what the theme is like, these come up when you create a new repo. When we choose a category to place your theme under we normally look at your file and / or decide when we try it out. Remember that variety is important and we're always keen to see something different from the norm.


We take the full descriptions from the file, so its useful to explain in a little more detail what your theme is about in there. Don't worry about images, as long as your theme works as expected with the latest version of Anchor CMS we'll have no trouble getting screenshots of it in action.


It's not vital, but providing a demo of your theme can be really useful for people to try out your theme. Just add a link into your file. The download link we take from the "zip" button on the repo page. We'll also link to your personal site so people can checkout your work, if you don't have one we'll just link to your GitHub profile page. We love our theme creators and we know they deserve credit for their work.

Getting Featured

Any theme that seriously impresses us we'll feature on our homepage. It could be for its unique design, attention to detail or simply being well built. We know a good theme when we see one.


When you're all done simply shoot us a tweet with a link to the repo. We'll notify you via twitter when we've added it. That's it!

PS. Have you built a site for yourself or a client with Anchor CMS? Then checkout our sister site, Anchor Showcase where you can submit your work and get featured on the site.